Sunny Day In June 

Yes my new song is a LOVE SONG.  And I want to share it with you. 

Recording is new to me, and my equipment is VERY BASIC. I recorded the voice and acoustic guitar using an iRig and a demo version of Logic. I actually ended up in my closet to try and get a decent sound.  Blair Michael Hogan added electric guitar, bass and keyboards, and Phil Shaw Bova mixed and mastered it. 

It's a bit scary, but I've decided to put this "quarantine single" out into the world as a digital download.   I won't be putting it on streaming services.  Because these days it's really hard for artists to see any kind of return on their music from those services. 

You see I'm hoping to raise money to be able buy some real recording gear so that I can record other songs I have, and be able to keep releasing my music into the world until I'm able to play them for you LIVE and in person again.  

So for this single it's a "Pay What You Can" deal.  If a buck is what you have that's cool. But if you have the means and wanna help me get my hands on a vintage U47 tube mic ... kidding.  But I wouldn't say no ;-)