Canadian singer-songwriter | haiku writer | known to travel with guitar playing porch music with a little red dirt
the little E in a NEW project called The LYNNeS (Lynne Hanson & Lynn Miles)

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Upcoming Shows

Date Event Location
 —  — Folk Alliance International Montreal, QC Montreal, QC
The LYNNeS @ Harmony Concerts Ottawa, ON Ottawa, ON
Westben House Concert Campbellford, ON Campbellford, ON
FemmeVox Ottawa, Ontario Ottawa, Ontario
 —  — Recording Kingston, ON Kingston, ON
The LYNNeS @ house concert Austin, Texas Austin, Texas
The LYNNeS @ house concert Dripping Springs, TX Dripping Springs, TX
The LYNNeS @ Starlight Theatre Terlinga, TX Terlinga, TX
The LYNNeS @ Alamogordo Area House Concerts Alamogordo, NM Alamogordo, NM
The LYNNeS @ house concert Las Cruces, NM Las Cruces, NM
The LYNNeS @ the Blue Door Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City, OK
The LYNNeS @ Uncle Calvins Dallas, TX Dallas, TX
The LYNNeS @ Fischer Haus Concerts Fischer, TX Fischer, TX
Old Crow House Concerts Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC
The LYNNeS @ Beacon Ridge Productions Victoria, BC Victoria, BC
The LYNNeS @ Harbour City Concerts Nanaimo, BC Nanaimo, BC
The LYNNeS @ Duncan Garage Showroom Duncan, BC Duncan, BC
Mary Mary Cafe Taxada Island, BC Taxada Island, BC
The LYNNeS @ Cranberry Community Hall Powell River, BC Powell River, BC
The LYNNeS @ The Dream Cafe Penticton, BC Penticton, BC


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