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Date Event Location
Americana Highways livestream The Internet The Internet
Sioux Hudson Entertainment Series Sioux Lookout, ONT Sioux Lookout, ONT
Red Lake Wilderness Entertainment Series Red Lake, ONT Red Lake, ONT
Lake Of The Woods Concerts Kenora, ONT Kenora, ONT
Dryden Entertainment Series Dryden, ONT Dryden, ONT
Harmony Concerts @ Studio Theatre Perth ONT Perth ONT
The Boot Livestream  
Outdoor Concert Ottawa, ONT Ottawa, ONT
Outdoor Concert Hawksbury, ONT Hawksbury, ONT
Barnstorm Finch, ONT Finch, ONT
Harmony Concerts Morrisburg, ONT Morrisburg, ONT
The Old Church Trenton, ONT Trenton, ONT
Lavigne Tavern Lavigne ONT Lavigne ONT
Outdoor Concert Worthington ONT Worthington ONT
Outdoor Concert Shawville, QC Shawville, QC
Float Fest Lake Pemichangan, QC Lake Pemichangan, QC
outdoor concert Ottawa, ONT Ottawa, ONT
Live From My Sofa (livestream) The Internet The Internet
#365DaysAndCounting Livestream YouTube YouTube
Live From My Sofa [livestream]